You're tired of reaching August and wondering "Where did all the summer GO?? I should have done more."

You want to enjoy each of these fleeting & precious summer weeks. You also need to get important to-do list items done. You want to know you squeezed every ounce of opportunity & joy out of your summer.

It's time for you to design your Super Successful Summer!

How it works:

  • We'll get clear on how you want your perfect summer to look and feel.
  • Then we'll make sure we account for the to-do list & other obligations.
  • Finally, we'll make a customized action plan, including calendaring important dates & reminders.
  • Use the workbook provided here or your own journal or notebook.

Plan on allowing at least 2 hours to complete the workshop.

This course is "pay what you want" (including $0!) but the suggested base price is $10.

NOTE: Checkout requires a credit card, even if you want to pay $0. To get the course for free without entering credit card details, please email hello(at)