Time Honored Coaching

Wondering how you became the worst boss you've ever had?

Your business looks so successful on the outside.

Everyone wonders how you manage to do it all, and do it so well.

But you know you're slowly drowning.

Surely your business is successful...because it's demanding your every waking hour.

Surely your business is successful...because there's no end in sight to the unread inquiries in your inbox.

Surely your business is successful...because your calendar is fully booked for the next 6 months, but those clients are grating on your every last nerve.

You're barely staying afloat each week, and never getting enough breathing room to take the weekend off, let alone a vacation with your family.

You struggle to fall asleep because you're wondering if all your success is a fluke.

You're convinced if people knew you were hanging on by a prayer and a gallon of coffee every day, they'd laugh at you.

They'd shake their heads and say "I knew it. What a fool she was to take this risk. Look where it got her. She should have stayed in her cushy corporate job."

And the worst part? You're starting to wonder if maybe...just maybe...they're right.

My name is Jen Roberts, and I help overwhelmed women entrepreneurs work fewer hours in their business--without sacrificing income!--so they can get back to enjoying their business and their life again!

Sure, hitting reset on your business hours sounds great, but where are you supposed to fit anything else in? You're already at your limit.

I know 1 on 1 coaching is the fastest way to reach your goals because I've experienced it: I made more progress in 10 months with my first personal coach than I had in 10 years prior. Statistics also show us that you're 65% more likely to accomplish your goals with an accountability partner such as a coach.

And the best part? You can super charge your progress in as little as 1 hour a week.

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What's it like to work together?

"She taught me how to implement systems and routines to structure and to streamline my work time and my personal time. She’s helped me balance tasks under the guiding principle of identifying which demands on my time actually contribute value to my life."

-- Chris B.

"When we started with Jen, we were VERY close to having great life/work integration. Our business was doing really well, but I was SWAMPED all day and not getting time to go out and find new business. Jen gave us the tools we needed to maintain that level of productivity at work AND create time to go find new business. We had such a great time using the guided sessions to brainstorm and voice concern for areas that needed improvement. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with our new skills!"

-- Melanie R.

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