Monday Motivation - I can be trusted to make the right decision on how to spend my time.

Happy Monday Reader!

Again and again, women tell me they feel guilty for how they spent their time.

Time-related guilt typically comes up when we are doing one thing but worry we should be doing something else, whether that was spending time with family, doing maintenance around the house, or especially when we take time for ourselves.

If you identify with this struggle, this week's affirmation will help!

"I can be trusted to make the right decision on how to spend my time."

When our attention is pulled in different directions, when we struggle to be fully present in the moment of what we're currently doing, we will experience time guilt, anxiety, or worry.

When we are at work late and missing an event with our family.

When our hands are fully occupied cooking dinner and we notice a work email flash up on our phone.

When we're on vacation and a work "emergency" happens that (mysteriously) no one else seems to be able to handle. (Even though you set up allllllllll the contingency plans ahead of time!)

We solopreneurs can be especially susceptible to this. We guilt ourselves with questions like:

Did I work hard enough this week?

Did I make it to enough networking events?

Did I burn myself out enough trying to make my business grow faster?

Spoiler alert: Yes, you did enough this week. 😉

Social pressure, conditioning, bad habits, trauma, and more make us particularly vulnerable to these types of self doubt. But we weren't born believing we had to burn ourselves out on the alter of our business in order to deserve rest. We just...rested as babies. It was the most natural thing in the world.

And so today we are taking a step to unlearn this knee jerk reaction of beating ourselves up for spending time away from our business, for any reason.

Join me in repeating 21x every day this week:

"I can be trusted to make the right decision on how to spend my time."


P.S. Struggling with guilt for not working "enough" even though your body is begging to take a break? Schedule a call to learn how 1 hour a week is enough to completely overhaul your work/life.

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As always, affirmations work best when you truly believe them. They need to resonate with you and feel achievable. So feel free to modify any I suggest, or develop entirely new ones!

Say them as long as you want. I'm sharing a new affirmation each week, but that doesn't mean you have to switch it up each week unless it feels right. You can add new ones as often as you want and have as many as you want. You can say a different affirmation every day, or at different times of the day. You choose!

I'd love to hear the impact it has! (But if you decide affirmations are not for you, click here to be removed from this weekly email.)

I hope this affirmation sets you up for a kick ass week and I'll see you next Monday for a new one to try!

Ready to make time for great things in 2024? I have 1-1 coaching spots available to teach you how to put your limited time, energy, & attention to the work that moves the needle in just 1 hour a week. Hit reply or pick a time on my calendar here to learn more.

I always have time for you. ❤️

-- Jen

Time Honored Coach

Time is the single most valuable thing we have. I help busy business owners get out of overwhelm to work fewer hours in their business (without sacrificing income!) so they can get back to enjoying their business and their life again.

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