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Monday Motivation - I embrace my unique strengths and talents, knowing they will lead me to unlimited success.

Published about 2 months ago • 2 min read

Happy Monday Reader!

Would you like to work fewer hours in your biz this year (without sacrificing any income!) and get back to loving your business and life again? Schedule a free chat to see how I can help!

Are you struggling to let your freak flag fly, worried you'll piss people off and alienate potential customers?

Yeah, me too!

To help us gain confidence to show up as our weird, one-of-a-kind selves this week, our affirmation is:

"I embrace my unique strengths and talents, knowing they will lead me to unlimited success."

I've been posting every day on social media for about 90 days now, and it's repeatedly been a struggle to show up loud and proud as my weirdo self. All those other coaches I follow always look beautiful & put together...and I'm lucky if I put on something other than a t-shirt and yoga pants, let alone some makeup!

But I recently signed up for marketing tips from my friend Max with Max Wilde Stories, and they have slowly been convincing me of the importance of being unabashedly myself online in order to attract my people. My ideal clients.

It's very vulnerable to show up as our true selves online, where much is filtered and fake. We risk being embarrassed, making mistakes, and being called out on them.

But as we discussed last week, we can use affirmations to slowly make that easier for us. To quiet that mean voice in our heads that tells us we're too much.

Too loud.
Too bossy.
Too abrupt.
Too fat.
Too old.

As women, the list of things we shouldn't be is long and restrictive. The urge to hide is strong.

Let's use this week's affirmation to develop the belief that it's ok to be our quirky authentic selves by repeating 21x every day:

"I embrace my unique strengths and talents, knowing they will lead me to unlimited success."

Even Dr. Seuss knew it was important and wrote: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” ❤️

As always, affirmations work best when you truly believe them. They need to resonate with you and feel achievable. So feel free to modify any I suggest, or develop entirely new ones!

Say them as long as you want. I'm sharing a new affirmation each week, but that doesn't mean you have to switch it up each week unless it feels right. You can add new ones as often as you want and have as many as you want. You can say a different affirmation every day, or at different times of the day. You choose!

I'd love to hear the impact it has! (But if you decide affirmations are not for you, click here to be removed from this weekly email.)

I hope this affirmation sets you up for a kick ass week and I'll see you next Monday for a new one to try!

Ready to make time for great things in 2024? I have 1-1 coaching spots available to teach you how to put your limited time, energy, & attention to the work that moves the needle in just 1 hour a week. Hit reply or pick a time on my calendar here to learn more.

I always have time for you. ❤️

-- Jen

Time Honored Coach

Jen Roberts - Time Creation Coach

Time is the single most valuable thing we have. I help busy business owners get out of overwhelm to work fewer hours in their business (without sacrificing income!) so they can get back to enjoying their business and their life again.

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