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Monday Motivation - I release old patterns and welcome new experiences.

Published 3 months ago • 2 min read

Happy Monday Reader!

Welcome to December! We're back for a new affirmation to power us through the week.

We're firmly in the holiday season now, with all the extra events, food, shopping, and, of course, stress that comes with all that.

For the next few weeks, our weekly affirmation email will be a double whammy: a new affirmation as you've come to expect and love, and a tip on how to survive the holiday crunch.

So let's dive in!

Our affirmation this week sets us up to do things differently this December. We don't have to fall into the same old routines because we are being intentional about setting ourselves up for success:

"I release old patterns and welcome new experiences."

What old holiday patterns that don't serve you do you want to drop?

What new experiences would you like to fill this month with instead?

If money were no object, nor time, nor obligations or other schedule constraints, what would you do to make this the best holiday season ever?

Take a minute, right now, to really see, feel, hear, and smell what you want to experience. You need to know what your version of success looks like.

Do you want to read a different Christmas story every night with your kids?

Would you have an entire day dedicated to making traditional family recipes?

Can you sit alone in front of a fire with a hot beverage and read your favorite book for the umpteenth time?

Once you have a clear idea of what you want, you can plan the how. How can you make some (or all) of your ideal holiday come true within the actual constraints you have?

If you only have 8 holiday books, you need to get more to read a new one every night, for example.

If you don't have an entire day free to dedicate to kitchen shenanigans, can you pick a single recipe to start with one evening?

If you find yourself overwhelmed and disappointed by the end of December every year, set yourself up for success this time by discovering what you really want from the holidays.

Be honest with yourself. Be selfish, and petty, and childish in your imaginings. No one has to know.

Then get creative, make a plan, get anyone else involved onboard, and bring intentional peace and joy to your holiday.

This week we're making space for new holiday traditions by repeating 21x every day "I release old patterns and welcome new experiences."

It's not too late to make big changes before 2023 ends! I still have 1-1 coaching spots available to help you manage this seasonal chaos in just 1 hour a week. Hit reply or pick a time on my calendar here to learn more. I always have time for you. ❤️

As always, affirmations work best when you truly believe them. They need to resonate with you and feel achievable. So feel free to modify any I suggest, or develop entirely new ones!

Say them as long as you want. I'm sharing a new affirmation each week, but that doesn't mean you have to switch it up each week unless it feels right. You can add new ones as often as you want and have as many as you want. You can say a different affirmation every day, or at different times of the day. You choose!

I'd love to hear the impact it has! (But if you decide affirmations are not for you, click here to be removed from this weekly email.)

I hope this affirmation sets you up for a kick ass week and I'll see you next Monday for a new one to try!

Breathe deep. Drink plenty of water. You got this!

Jen Roberts

Time Creation Coach

Feel like life is passing you by? Interested in creating more time for your priorities in 2023? I have 4 spots open for one-on-one coaching! Hit reply and let me know or Schedule a free 60 min time assessment here

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