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Monday Motivation - It's possible for me.

Published 30 days ago • 2 min read

Happy Monday Reader!

This week we're going back to basics with our affirmation to ensure it is as effective as possible at helping us believe our goals are attainable. We're also going to do a variation of "build-your-own."

Whatever your seemingly-impossible goal is today, put that in the "It's" spot in the affirmation below:

"It's possible for me."

When I'm feeling really defeated and my aspirations seem entirely out of reach, the most helpful affirmations are the ones that are only a tiny change.

I can't go from thinking "I'll never find another client!" to "I will sign a client this week."

It's simply not believable to my smart, protective brain.

But changing my thought to "Getting a client this week is possible for me" is believable.

Maybe it will happen!

Maybe it won't.

But at least I'm not setting myself up for failure & disappointment by trying to convince my subconscious it will happen without a doubt...when I'm completely filled with doubt.

I'm feeling a bit stalled in my business so I needed to go back to basics this week. If you're doing great & the sky feels like the limit, go ahead and change this affirmation to a wildly ambitious goal!

Want to earn a million dollars this year?

What to open a second branch of your business?

Want to hire your first (second, or third) full time employee?

Want to afford a lavish vacation to a tropical island for an entire month while your business runs on autopilot?

The first step is believing it is possible.

So use this week's affirmation to develop that belief by inserting your goal in our affirmation and repeating 21x every day:

"[GOAL] is possible for me."

I believe it is possible for me to fill my coaching practice this year. I believe your goal is possible too. Want to see if we can help each other accomplish our goals?

Bonus: Free Weekly Training Video

Here's part 2 of Frequently Asked Time Management Questions! Topics include overcoming burnout, common entrepreneur mistakes, unexpected interruptions, & more.

As always, affirmations work best when you truly believe them. They need to resonate with you and feel achievable. So feel free to modify any I suggest, or develop entirely new ones!

Say them as long as you want. I'm sharing a new affirmation each week, but that doesn't mean you have to switch it up each week unless it feels right. You can add new ones as often as you want and have as many as you want. You can say a different affirmation every day, or at different times of the day. You choose!

I'd love to hear the impact it has! (But if you decide affirmations are not for you, click here to be removed from this weekly email.)

I hope this affirmation sets you up for a kick ass week and I'll see you next Monday for a new one to try!

Ready to make time for great things in 2024? I have 1-1 coaching spots available to teach you how to put your limited time, energy, & attention to the work that moves the needle in just 1 hour a week. Hit reply or pick a time on my calendar here to learn more.

I always have time for you. ❤️

-- Jen

Time Honored Coaching

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