Monday Motivation - Mad lib affirmation week!

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Happy Monday Reader!

We're back for a new affirmation to power us through the week.

Today I want to change it up a bit and have you customize an affirmation!

At the bottom of every one of these emails are some reminders to help affirmations work for you. One of those is to modify anything I suggest so it resonates with your specific challenges or aspirations. So this time, I'm going to provide a Mad Lib style affirmation! (Please tell me you remember Mad Libs right?? It was the most fun way to practice grammar as a kid!) You'll fill in a couple blanks in the sentence to make the affirmation you need right here, right now.

So here's the format for this week's DIY affirmation:

"This is what an [adjective] [wo]man looks like."

What positive adjective (that's a descriptive word, in case grammar wasn't your strongest subject either!) do you want to believe about yourself? Or what positive trait do you want to reinforce?

"This is what a wealthy woman looks like" is one I've used in the past. You're welcome to use it too if you want to manifest wealth!

Or perhaps "This is what a healthy woman looks like" if you tend to criticize your appearance, weight, shape, etc, even though your doctor has never said there was anything wrong with it. What nice thing do you want to believe about your image or appearance right now?

Maybe try on "This is what a loving man looks like" if you want to reaffirm that you're a good friend, spouse, parent, or other social role you value.

In case nothing jumps to mind immediately yet, here are a few other positive adjectives you might try out in this week's affirmation:

  • Considerate
  • Kind / caring
  • Powerful
  • Generous
  • Creative
  • Happy / satisfied
  • Trustworthy
  • Confident

Let's have fun this week with our Mad Libs style, DIY affirmation! Create your own then repeat 21x every day "This is what an [adjective] [wo]man looks like."

As always, affirmations work best when you truly believe them. They need to resonate with you and feel achievable. So feel free to modify any I suggest, or develop entirely new ones!

Say them as long as you want. I'm sharing a new affirmation each week, but that doesn't mean you have to switch it up each week unless it feels right. You can add new ones as often as you want and have as many as you want. You can say a different affirmation every day, or at different times of the day. You choose!

I'd love to hear the impact it has! (But if you decide affirmations are not for you, click here to be removed from this weekly email.)

I hope this affirmation sets you up for a kick ass week and I'll see you next Monday for a new one to try!

Breathe deep. Drink plenty of water. You got this!

Jen Roberts

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