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Tired of wondering where the summer went year after year?

Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

My husband is a teacher, so every June we're full of grand plans--see family more, tackle side projects, plus everything on the extremely long honey-do list.

And then we get to August, realize most of it is still on the "to do" list, and wonder why this always happens!

This year I decided to change that, and I'd like to invite you along.

As a time creation coach, I've seen the value of visualizing exactly what you want.

The value of planning for success.

The value of setting aside time on your calendar ahead of time for the important things and the fun things.

And of course the value of being flexible when things inevitably go wrong!

So on April 8, 2023, I am hosting a morning workshop for anyone who wants to design their own Super Successful Summer.

Some great things about this workshop:

  • Get clear on how you want your perfect summer to look and feel.
  • Accountability & support to ensure you leave with a complete, personalized plan to make THIS summer your best ever.
  • Light breakfast foods, caffeinated beverages, and a physical workbook to use and reference.
  • Time during class to save space on your calendar for your priorities.
  • 4 additional follow up meetings to deal with inevitable roadblocks & unforeseen challenges.

Seating is limited in our two hour in-person workshop to ensure a personalized experience. And tickets go on sale today at 1p central.

If you have school age kids, this workshop will be perfect to ensure you know you squeezed every ounce of opportunity & joy out of your summer.

If you're a teacher who never seems to get the to-do list done in your precious few weeks off, you should attend this workshop.

Who: Anyone who wants to maximize their summer time.
What: Super Successful Summer Workshop
When: April 8, 2023 • 9:30-noon
Where: NKC Public Library, 2251 Howell St, North Kansas City, MO
How: $49 via Eventbrite
Why: Because you don't want to get to another August and wonder where the summer went.

It's time for you to design your Super Successful Summer.

Breathe deep. Drink plenty of water. You got this!

Jen Roberts

Time Creation Coach

P.S. Tired of reaching August and wondering "Where did all the summer GO??" Join me for a 1 day workshop April 8, 2023. Sign up or learn more here.

Time Honored Coaching

Time is the single most valuable thing we have. Make the most of yours with tips for time management mindset & techniques.

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