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Why is "ease" so hard?

Published over 1 year ago • 2 min read

Hi Reader!

How's your January going? Are you the type of person who makes news year's resolutions? Do you assess how the past year went? Does it feel like a fresh start, a clean slate full of possibilities?

To be honest, this January has been a bit of a struggle for me. I was sick during most of our December trip, and coming home into the flurry of new year activity online was completely overwhelming. I was resentful of all the people I saw on social media who seemed to be kicking ass and powering full steam ahead. I feel like I'm letting my business down by not seizing the new year resolution energy to sign clients.

Am I struggling because I'm still recovering from being sick? Or from not seeing the sun for days on end? From the cold weather & short days this time of year? It could be any number of things, but all I know is that I am still exhausted.

I actually did my 2022 year review and 2023 planning back in November. One of the main things I wrote down to remember is: Beauty, joy and ease matter.

Then I stuck that note on a wall and let it blend in to the rest of the scenery I pay zero attention to every day.

But around the end of the year, people started posting about their "word of the year" and I kept hearing the word "ease" every time I saw those posts. So "ease" keeps coming back to me. Something in me--whether you believe it's a spirit, a soul, intuition, or something along those lines--keeps telling me to make things easy. To take it easy.

And that's a rather frightening thing! I'm starting a brand new business! Doesn't my gut know I need to be hustling? I need to be working harder than ever! I need to make this business profitable, successful, something I can point to as proof that leaving my software job wasn't a foolish decision.

I don't have a nice, easy way to tie up this email. I just wanted to let you know that if you're struggling too, it's ok. And if you're not, that's great too. Either way, this is a good time to make sure your support network is strong, and that you take care to refill your "energy cup" with activities you love.

Some days I believe in prioritizing ease, and some days I think I'm ridiculous for choosing that word for 2023. All I really know is that change is inevitable. And that we get up every day and try again.

Breathe deep. Drink plenty of water. You got this!

Jen Roberts

Time Creation Coach

Feel like life is passing you by? Interested in creating more time for your priorities in 2023? I have 4 spots open for one-on-one coaching! Hit reply and let me know or Schedule a free 60 min time assessment here

Time Honored Coach

Jen Roberts - Time Creation Coach

Time is the single most valuable thing we have. I help busy business owners get out of overwhelm to work fewer hours in their business (without sacrificing income!) so they can get back to enjoying their business and their life again.

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